Wellbeing Hack 13:

Breathe tactically

  • Breathing is an automatic response – like our heartbeat – but it can also be consciously controlled.


  • Quick, shallow breathing activates your fight or flight response. We can be triggering this response many times a day without even realising it.


  • By purposefully slowing down your breathing, you can override the fight or flight response and activate the parasympathetic system which calms you down.


  • Breathing with your belly uses a muscle called the diaphragm, and this kind of breathing is good because it’s slower and deeper than chest breathing.


  • There are lots of benefits of breathing through your nose. For example, it slows down your breathing and helps you focus.


  • Combat breathing, 4-7-8 breathing, coffee breathing, breath counting and Wim Hof breathing are all powerful ways you can use breathing tactically to improve your life.