Wellbeing Hack 10:

Take a forest bath

  • Listening to the sound of rippling water is more effective are reducing stress than relaxing music. It’s something about the naturalness of the sound which is relaxing.


  • Looking at a natural view increases our ability to maintain focused attention and speeds up recovery from illness.


  • Phytoncides have been found to reduce blood pressure and boost your immune system.


  • Immersing yourself in phytoncides is so popular in Japan that it has its own name: shinrin-yoku. This literally means forest bath.


  • Any kind of nature experience, such as walking in a park, significantly reduces your likelihood of depression and high blood pressure


  • There are three main reasons, that we know of so far, as to why nature contact makes us feel better – the phytoncides, the fact that our brains were built to be in nature, and the fact that nature contact slows us down and helps us to notice the present moment.