Wellbeing Hack 18:

Hug someone real

  • Touch is important because it’s the most highly developed sense at birth. That means it lets us know if the world is a safe place or not during this vital developmental period.


  • Touch always comes with emotion. For example, there is a specialised system of nerve fibres called C-Tactiles specifically designed to pick up slow-moving, gentle touch on your skin.


  • As well as being biologically programmed, the emotions we experience in touch are also learned through experience.


  • What all of us desperately need is good touch. And the goodness of touch starts with having a trusting relationship with the person you’re touching.


  • Good touch, such as hand-holding and hugs from a friend, has a range of health benefits because it’s a physical reminder that we have people who around us who care.


  • Because the rules of human touch are complicated, it’s sometimes tempting to stay behind a screen and keep ‘safe’ with virtual touch. This is an especially big problem with porn because the clash of intimacy and isolation is linked to loneliness and dissatisfaction with life.