Wellbeing Hack 15:

Join (or leave) a group

  • Some risky behaviours, like sexting, seem hard to explain. But looking at the way groups affect us is a useful way to understand these behaviours.


  • Each group that we feel part of gives us a social identity. We all have a strong instinct to listen to the voices of other people in the groups which are important to us.


  • If the people in our groups are telling us that sexting is normal it becomes very hard to go against them, because that means questioning our very identity.


  • We need to question whether the groups we belong to are good – that is, do they give us social identities which make us feel valued and help us to be someone we like?


  • Being part of a lot of groups is useful because it means that we are not dependent on any single group to provide us with a sense of identity.


  • Sometimes it’s hard to leave a group which we know is not good. But looking for allies, getting pre-set phrases ready, and thinking about celery can all help.