Wellbeing Hack 16:

Ask someone if they're okay - twice

  • Being kind is built into our genes, that’s why it makes us healthier, less depressed, less stressed, less anxious, less likely to be bullied and even physically stronger.


  • People who are effective at being kind have clear boundaries about what is, and what is not, okay.


  • It’s best to start with small acts of kindness and build them up slowly.


  • The best acts of kindness are those which bring us closer to other people.


  • A very effective act of kindness is to ask those around you if they’re okay – twice. This is because asking the second time shows them that we are not just being polite – we really do want to know if they’re okay.


  • It’s possible that our acts of kindness will be met with rejection and even hostility. One way to deal with this is by seeing any such rejection as a mark of our own courage – it means we have been brave enough to make ourselves vulnerable.