Wellbeing Hack 1:

Name your emotions

  • Our childhood experiences, especially with our parents, were really important in developing a wide range of emotion words.


  • We can all still work on expanding the range of emotions we can name. As we do this, we are increasing our emodiversity.


  • Emodiversity, which includes being able to name both pleasant and unpleasant emotions, is linked to a whole host of wellbeing benefits.


  • Core affect is our emotional foundation. The next level is the six universal emotions. These can be combined to make at least 17 compound emotions.


  • Coming up with a definitive list of all the emotions people experience is hard. For example, is love a single emotion? Or should it be broken down into the seven different types of love that the ancient Greeks named?


  • Two ways to develop your emodiversity are through attentive reading and through writing an emotion diary.