Wellbeing Hack 9:

Stand on a desk

  • Narcissists demand your undivided attention, and your complete devotion, which can be quite seductive to start with. But soon you realise that it’s suffocating.


  • Narcissism is part of the Dark Triad. The other two traits are Machiavellianism, and Subclinical Psychopathy.


  • The opposite of this is the Light Triad, which is group of three core traits capturing the essence of a positive personality. These are Kantianism, Humanism and Faith in Humanity.


  • Flextroversion is associated with lower levels of stress, depression and anxiety. Flextroverts are also physically healthier, more tolerant of other people and better at coping with change.


  • Flextroverts don’t rely on habits and routine behaviours, they are open to new experiences, and they are willing to take risks to make meaningful connections with others.


  • You can become more flextrovert by challenging yourself to do something different each day or each week.