Wellbeing Hack 14:

Stop liking people

  • In the 1830s a whole new business model was pioneered, using clickbait and fake news. This model is based on capturing and selling our attention.


  • Today, phone technology uses notifications, based on our need for human connection and acceptance, to make phones as addictive as possible. This is so our attention can be monetised.


  • Social interaction on phones is not the same as real life. For example, we make up stories about other peoples’ lives based only on the edited highlights of their day.


  • Our attention is valuable. Corporations like Facebook and Google use it to sell advertising. And the things you choose to pay attention to dictate what kind of life you lead.


  • Analogue experiences are the key to fighting back against the phone technology designed to keep us glued to our phones.


  • The most powerful analogue experience is human interaction. When you stop liking people’s posts, you stop fooling yourself that you’re getting the social interaction you need.