Wellbeing Hack 3:

Watch your thoughts

  • Thoughts, emotions and behaviours are all linked. Negative thoughts can lead to anxiety and depression which can affect the way we behave which can reinforce our negative thoughts.


  • Often negative thoughts are automatic – we don’t notice them. That’s why they’re called negative automatic thoughts.


  • Becoming aware of the common thinking errors we all slip into (such as fortune telling or mind reading) helps us to notice negative automatic thoughts.


  • For example, fortune telling is when we have negative thoughts about the future. These thoughts often feel like facts even though no one knows what will happen.


  • One way of dealing with a negative automatic thought is simply to observe it and allow it to pass by. Often, this involves using imagery.


  • Another way to deal with a negative automatic thought is to look at the evidence for and against it. As you do this, all that’s needed is to begin to doubt the certainty of the thought.