WellSenz is a learning tool...

Students find out about 9 key wellbeing areas such as the importance of Thoughts, Nature, Gratitude, Mindful Eating and Kindness.

They select the ones they're most interested in building into their life.

It's a wellbeing habit-former

For each wellbeing area they choose, the students are prompted to carry out a different wellbeing 'Hack' each day. These are simple behaviours that students can build into their routine.

Although the app is pre-populated with daily wellbeing hacks, the students can edit and customise these hacks to fit their interests and needs.

As students successfully complete each hack, they check it off on the home screen. The app then tracks their progress over the past weeks and months.

...and it's a place for students to find help

The app has a student Help Zone which includes contact details for UK emergency mental health services.

Finally, we want to work with your students - if they have ideas for new features we will work with them to build these into the app.

Any questions - please get in touch