Wellbeing Hack 17:

Thank your way out of chaos

  • Competitive victimhood is based on resentment and fear, which often stem from unhealed wounds. But raging against others does not bring healing, it brings chaos.


  • The way out of chaos gratitude – that’s because gratitude undermines resentment by focusing on the good things we have.


  • We can become more grateful by taking about five minutes a day to reflect on the good things which have happened to us.


  • Bad events can be used to develop gratitude. For example, we can think about how these experiences helped us develop as a person, or we can imagine really bad things that have not happened.


  • Two things that can block gratitude are guilt and familiarity.


  • There’s still some mystery surrounding gratitude as it’s closely linked to spirituality. When people are feeling a deep sense of gratitude, they often have a heightened sense of connectedness with others.